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My Story

My Story

Hi my name is Rachel Murray and I’m a qualified Clinical Nutritionist in Bathurst, who empowers clients to take control of their own health and wellbeing. 

I treat a wide range of clients with various health conditions and health goals, specifically through individualised treatments, whole food principles, education and high quality nutritional supplements. My ultimate goal is to assist my clients to reach and maintain their own health goals, whilst facilitating long-term health.


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    The Beginning

    My passion for nutrition began almost 10 years ago when I was studying psychology and playing basketball at Seattle Pacific University. As a college athlete, I was always looking for ways to optimise my performance, so I decided to look into the foods that I was choosing to fuel my body with. I began researching nutritional principles that would assist me with my performance and recovery, and started to implement these principles into my everyday life. I have now realised, 10 years on, that this was the start of my journey.

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    In January 2016, I decided to pursue my passion and signed up for an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine. The more classes I took, the more I knew I was heading down the path where I wanted to be. I absolutely loved learning about the biological impacts of food and how food could be used as medicine. 

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    My Health Journey

    The other piece to this puzzle is my own health journey. Just like many of you, I too have struggled. After being sick for months, in early 2018 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (a form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease). For those of you that don’t know, this is an autoimmune condition of the digestive tract which is known in the medical world as an incurable disease. At the age of 27, finding out that I have a condition that will continue to effect me the rest of my life was a very daunting thing to hear. However, although I would never wish this condition upon anyone, I truly believe that it has allowed me to grow as a practitioner and to truly relate to so many of my clients. I too had to put my trust in natural medicine, and I will continue to do so every single day of my life. I am sure that I would not be able to function to the capacity that I am without the changes that I personally made to my diet, lifestyle and the incorporation of additional natural remedies. My health will always be a challenge however I know that nutritional and natural medicine has made the world of difference. 

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    Your Journey

    I am truly passionate about helping individuals with their own health journeys. Maybe you have a similar story to me, or maybe you have your own health story Either way, I would love to be able to assist you with your health goals. Contact me today if you would like more information or alternatively follow the links to book an appointment.

“Let food be thy medicine” – Hippocrates

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