Hello Fresh Review

I think it’s great to make a decision to focus on nutrition and start eating for health. But I guess the next step to figure out is really deciding how to go about it?

What do I exactly mean by this?

There are so many options available now to assist us with our cooking experience at home, and its really important to find something that works for our lifestyle, budget and health goals.

Some options include:

  • Frozen meals
  • Lite n’ Easy
  • Hello Fresh
  • Thermomix
  • Meal Prep
  • Meal Plans
    and so many more!

Last week I decided to test out Hello Fresh!

My Hello Fresh Journey

I have had many clients ask me about Hello Fresh. Is it was healthy? Is it affordable? Is it beneficial for their health goals. So I decided it was time to try it out for myself.

Before I get into the nitty gritty I do want to give you a quick run down of what effects meal time for my family.
Household: My partner and I (plus out 2 little fur babies 🐶 🐶)
Dietary Requirements:

  • My partner is gluten and lactose intolerant
  • My dietary requirements change a little depending on whether my ulcerative colitis is in a flare up or not but generally speaking I do not eat gluten or dairy and have to be careful with whole grains, tomatoes, onion and highly fatty foods.
  • I also generally do a big cook up on a Sunday so that meals are prepared in advance

Hopefully that will help to paint the picture before diving in to our Hello Fresh Review.

Initial Impression

  • Hello Fresh offer some dietary options including gluten free (not coeliac) and vegetarian
  • Easy online ordering
  • Wednesday was my only option for delivery which isn’t great for someone that normally meal preps on Sunday
  • Delivery was on time and they even have a link to track orders
  • Being delivered on a 40 degree day made me a little nervous but everything was still cold
  • Produce: looked pretty good. I had a couple of tomatoes and an onion that had seen better days but other than that the produce looked fresh
  • One of the containers were cracked and leaking but all of the other items had been transported well.

Dish 1

The first dish started off really well. I had the pesto salmon with sweet potato fries and greens. It was a really nutritious meal and tasted great! The portions were a decent size and I definitely didn’t feel hungry after. I think the only down side to this dish was that it took a little longer than what the recipe card indicated, but it was still made in just under 45 minutes.

Hello Fresh Pesto Salmon with sweet potato fries and greens
Hello Fresh Pesto Salmon with sweet potato fries and greens

Dish 2

The second dish that we had was tahini chicken with garlic rice and greens. I have to say that I am not a big fan of chicken thighs at all so I struggled a little with this one. The flavour of the sauce was nice and I can’t say I have ever put garlic in when making rice, but it was quite yummy. When it comes to the nutritional value of this dish I would say it was lacking a little. The cucumber and tomato salsa wasn’t quite enough veggies for my liking and I could have done with a side of steamed vege. I would consider making a dish similar in the future by substituting the chicken thighs with chicken breast and adding some vegetables.

Hello Fresh Tahini Chicken with garlic rice and greens
Hello Fresh Tahini Chicken with garlic rice and greens

Dish 3

The third dish was a bit of a doozy to be honest. How can you go wrong with a burger right? With it coming with a few ingredients that didn’t work with out dietary requirements, I switched the rolls for GF bread and didn’t cook the caramelised onions (my partner might have enjoyed them but to be honest, it was too hot to be in the kitchen for long so I wanted it to be as quick as possible. Oh and I didn’t cook the potato fries again for the same reasons). Those were easy fixes however something in this meal didn’t agree with me or my partner. Unsure if it was the meat or the sauce but either way, I had to put my Hello Fresh review on hold for a day. I can say though that the taste of the burger was great, it was really quick with the couple adjustments that I made.

Hello Fresh Beef Burger (adjusted recipe)
Hello Fresh Beef Burger (adjusted recipe)

Dish 4

The fourth dish again wasn’t my favourite, possibly because of the changes that I had to make. Instead of having pork schnitzels we had plain pork steaks with salad. Again this was a really quick meal with the changes that I made which was nice. Plus how amazing are salads this time! The only change I would have made was to put some more substance in the salad.

Hello Fresh Pork Schnitzels with salad (adjusted recipe)
Hello Fresh Pork Schnitzels with salad (adjusted recipe)

Dish 5

The fifth and final dish came in equal first with the salmon. This dish was a leek and feta chicken with sweet potato and greens. I removed the feta from my chicken but it still tasted pretty good. And I feel like this was a pretty stock standard meal but had a little twist with the flavours on the chicken. It did however take an hour to cook as I was waiting on the sweet potato. But other than that, I can’t fault this dish.

Hello Fresh Leek and Feta Chicken with sweet potatoes and greens
Hello Fresh Leek and Feta Chicken with sweet potatoes and greens


  • I think Hello Fresh is encouraging people to cook with whole foods which is amazing!
  • Removes the decision of what to make for dinner
  • Decent portion sizes- you wouldn’t be left hungry!
  • All dishes had some vegetables in them
  • Delivered to your door 🙂
  • Easy online software for selecting meals and automatic payment
  • Easy step by step instructions included on the recipe card


  • Not suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions: although they offer gluten free it is not suitable for those with coeliacs disease. They also don’t cater for lactose free individuals, which was a little surprising.
  • Preparation took longer than expected and also involved the oven most nights- which isn’t ideal in summer time when you don’t have air-conditioning😅
  • Some portions sizes were probably too big- great for left overs though!
  • I wish there was more variety in the vegetables within the dishes. I’m a person that will add vegetables to absolutely any dish so I did miss my vegetables throughout the week!
  • It is more expensive than purchasing from the super market however I think you are paying for the convenience and honestly the price wouldn’t turn me off based on what is included.

Final Thought

Hello Fresh is an amazing organisation that I would highly recommend to individuals trying to find motivation in the kitchen, or to those who haven’t done a lot of cooking before. If this is you, then why not test it out for yourself! They do have a discount on the first box. I also have 1 coupon to give away, which I am happy to give to the first person to contact me.
I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to individuals who have dietary restrictions.
For me personally, I won’t be continuing with Hello Fresh mainly due to my dietary restrictions. I also really missed my Sunday cook ups as I really struggle cooking during the week with my working hours.

Hopefully this helps you decide if Hello Fresh is right for you and your family!